Hanging by a Thread

A handful of women during the first lockdown: a few weavers with their ancient looms, some designers with their contemporary inspirations. A time of loneliness, silence, reflection. When the world experiences an unprecedented break, they experiment a new approach to their manufacture. While the purest and most essential part of our lives emerges demanding new spaces, the soul of the tapestry reveals itself becoming a protagonist for the first time.

The project “Hanging by a Thread”
While the world was experiencing an unprecedented break due to the pandemic, an inter-generational group of women experimented a new approach to their traditional crafts.
They aimed to translate into tapestry the fears and the hopes of those challenging times; they wanted their artworks to reflect the silent mystique of empty streets, the loss of orientation in those lonely days; they wanted to materialise the sensation of being “hanging by a thread”.
This creative and experimental phase led to the realization of a series of deconstructed tapestries, unique pieces characterised by the presence of “naked parts” where the weave is interrupted and the warp becomes visible.
The deconstruction of the art-crafts symbolises the stalemate affecting society and individuals: during this intimate time for reflection, the soul, the purest part of our life, emerges and claims its space, just like the soul of the tapestry which reveals itself and becomes a protagonist.
The present is the visible warp, a thread of continuity between yesterday and tomorrow: our lives are suspended, waiting to resume the journey where it stopped, with new balances to be found… ready to build a future where beauty, sustainability and inclusivity are intertwined like patterns on a loom.

All you need, 3
74×131 cm
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Studio Pratha design