Greys collection (Grigi), created for Pratha by designer Laura Lai, consists of two lines which portray the dichotomy between human beings and nature. It is characterized by the use of three different natural grey shades of wool, coming exclusively from Sardinian sheep. The other colours are mostly obtained from natural plant dyes, gathered and prepared manually, as tradition teaches.
Tapestries of this collection are woven four-handed by Lucia Todde and Gonaria Todde.

  • World of Roses (Rose), where the stylised rose portray is associated to symbolic meanings and mankind feelings, recalls the interlink between places, natural colours and feelings.
  • Sardinians Seeds (Sardegna, le origini), offers a mix of geometric forms, lines and overlapping elements which create a play of lighter and darker shadows. Symbol of purist and minimalist contemporary art, it hides a connection into the ancient age, through figurative details.
73×126 cm
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