Greys, the collection created for Pratha by designer Laura Lai, portrays the dichotomy between human beings and nature. It consists of three lines characterised by the use of three different natural grey shades of wool, coming exclusively from Sardinian sheep.
The other colours are obtained from natural plant dyes, gathered and prepared manually, as tradition teaches.

  • World of Roses, where the stylised rose portray is associated to symbolic meanings and mankind feelings. It recalls the interlink between places, natural colours and feelings.
  • Stairs, which is meant to narrate the misleading strength and perfection of nature and man through a play on stair patterns. The proposed module, seemingly robust and unshakable, can create disorientation as well as a feeling of vigour and freedom, when they lose their linear form.
  • Sardinian Seeds, a mix of geometric forms, lines and overlapping elements which create a play of lighter and darker shadows. Symbol of purist and minimalist contemporary art, it hides a connection into the ancient age, through figurative details…
Rosa di Costa, Joy
59×102 cm
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