The art project Pratha is meant to represent the evolution, as well as the revolution, of one of the most ancient art forms: weaving.


Our tapestries are the result of the lucky encounter of two seemingly distinct stylistic approaches which, once combined, give off an innovative power permeating all our creations.

On the one hand, a handful of old weavers in a small village of Sardinia – last custodians of an 8000-year-old tradition – who kept an extremely rare executive technique with standing loom, taught as children and passed down through generations, like a priceless jewel.

On the other hand, a team of sophisticated and eclectic designers who reinterpret, with an ultramodern artistic glance, the shapes and colours of the Sardinian tradition.

Techniques, materials, and instruments remain unchanged since ancient times, while the aspect of the tapestries is all-new and original.

The thread of our story starts firmly anchored to the past and moves decisively towards the future; into weaving memory and imagination, this thread becomes a visual and tactile universe of amazing shapes.


Pratha boasts the cooperation of women aged between thirty and ninety, who, like modern janas (fairies of the Sardinian mythology) weave among them, yet before than on their loom, relations made of wisdom, knowledge, patience and ability.

It’s a creative team whose artwork is grounded on sustainability and social responsibility.

Sustainable, because the whole production process is 100% manual, without any environmental or energy impact. Our artworks are exclusively made from Sardinian sheep wool, either in its natural colour or following the ancient tradition of dyeing naturally from herbs, whenever possible.

Socially responsible, because it aims to safeguard and promote an ancient and unique technique, which is now only performed by a few skilled hands, acknowledging the true value of the role and abilities of the elderly.

Exhibition “Weaving the Future”
Festival of the New European Bauhaus
9-12 June 2022


Weaving the Future is a side event participating in the Festival of the New European Bauhaus (NEB), a four-day programme of activities taking place across Europe from 9 to 12 June 2022….


Each artwork by Pratha is an exclusive and unique piece, created using autochthonous and rigorous working techniques which increase their preciousness.

All tapestries are 100% handmade in Sarule, Sardinia, using a standing loom and traditional techniques dating back to prehistoric times.

All our collections are produced using wool exclusively from Sardinian sheep, sheared manually with the utmost care and attention ensuring the best animal health and welfare.

Pratha is an artistic project born from the intuition and vision of Graziella Carta, a Sardinian businesswoman, arts and crafts collector, who is also passionate about photography, design and fashion.
Being strongly fascinated by the ancient textile art of weaving, especially the traditional technique still practiced in a very small village of the Sardinian inland, she has decided to invest in its promotion through a modern and futurist reinterpretation of its traditional designs. Around this idea, she has gathered a team of artists and craftswomen, who enthusiastically engage in the project.